A trans witch, a knight sent to kill her, and how they fell in love.

This is very much not a choose-your-own-adventure kind of Twine; there's one path and you can't really deviate from it. Think of it as more of a book with hyperlinks.

Content warnings: There's some transphobia, both external and internalized.

NSFW warning: This twine has optional NSFW content. This content is entirely optional and will in no way shape or form affect the storyline; it's purely there for the reader's enjoyment. If you want to read it, there's a toggle at the start.

Authorash, transcendant
Made withTwine
TagsFantasy, Gender, knight, LGBT, story, Transgender
Average sessionAbout an hour

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The description of dysphoria really hit home, wow. A truly beautiful story, it gives me hope regarding my own transition. 


Adored the format of that story, clever usage of the common twine options.

For nitpicky critcism, I felt like the knight became way too trusting of Jeanne too quickly, but I empathize that fluffing up the painful to write parts, even for the sake of pacing, is hard.
Similarly, the knight accepted the identity of their soul surprisingly quickly. I'd expected a bit more resistance, bit more denial. Not that that couldn't be fixed - maybe a quick lore sentence that mentioned that the mental image of souls is really that big a deal and that's why they didn't struggle to accept it so instantly.

The rest though... Oh boy. It feels very... primal, very heartfelt. Like that's just how it came out of the author's hands, and it was naturally good.

the NSFW passage was cute <3.


This is touching :")


This was REALLY good! <3



This was adorable thank you